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Company strategies

VAM GROUP s.r.l. company is always looking to give to their customers the finest products based on the following subjects which are:

Quality - There is a continuous programme of internal assessment of our production to ensure that we maintain our position as a leading supplier of painted doors & components.

Innovation - Everyday we look to evaluate new base materials & paints in order to offer our customers the most cost effective products.

Technology - We have state of the art manufacturing equipment which is both fast and flexible and regularly upgraded. with the latest generation of robot lines now being installed. in addition there has been a large investment in environmental controls which also protects the well being of our employees.

Service - This is our best playing card providing our customers guaranteed delivery times on orders plus our highly successful " just in time service ".

VAM GROUP s.r.l - Italy - via Piave, 7/a - 30020 Annone Veneto VE - ITALY